About Secuvie

Secuvie is a Swedish company developing and marketing products that include the patented CHD-FA™ active ingredient as well as other natural ingredients for skin care (cosmetic skin conditions), and medical device products for a range of skin conditions.

Secuvie products are produced as per PICS (Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) guidelines in a cGMP approved facility and uses only registered natural ingredients of the highest quality. All products contain the unique active substance CHD-FA™ (CarboHydrate Derived Fulvic Acid), a plant acid with extremely beneficial properties for taking care of your skin. CHD-FA™ is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Secuvie – The Story

The Swedish pharmaceutical company Secuvie AB was founded in 2007. The Secuvie range is based on natural healing abilities and curative properties. The active substance, plant acid CHD-FA™, is the cornerstone of Secuvie’s products. Intensive research has shown that CHD-FA™ has unique properties especially effective against numerous forms of skin problems.

With the unique plant acid CHD-FA™ as the base ingredient, the Secuvie range has been developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s most reputable specialists in the field of natural cosmetic ingredients. The focus of CHD-FA™ is to nourish skin, naturally and organically.

Today, Secuvie offers Swedish made skincare products. Research and testing of products are carried out in Sweden. The Secuvie range is gentle to both humans and nature, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. The ingredients of the products are 100% natural origin and contain no preservatives, parabens, mineral oils or perfume.

Secuvie and environmental responsibility

The environment is central in all we do at Secuvie. This means that our environmental thinking involves our development of products, choice of suppliers and transport solutions.

We work continuously to improve our environmental routines and commitments on all levels. One of our commitments is to improve our environment and our health with our products. We use only registered natural ingredients and no chemicals are used in the production processes. Our packaging is recyclable and we work only with suppliers and partners that have well developed environmental policies.